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Why you need a Business Lawyer

I’m just a small business – why should I contact a lawyer?

“The better you know your business, the better your business will be.  Good information is often the difference between business success and failure.  Today it is increasingly important for businesses to take legal advice as part of their planning process and not just when problems arise.

Our team have often helped businesses gain commercial advantage, by adopting the best operating structure whilst at the same time dealing with legal pitfalls and responsibilities.

Laws affecting the operation of business change rapidly.  New laws have had an enormous affect on setting up, running and liability of businesses and directors. We can advise on how the changes may affect your business and what to do to get the most benefit from and minimise the risk inherent in these commercial laws.

We can help make a positive contribution to the success and continued operation of your business.  For example we can advise you how to protect your product or service:

  • Protection can give your business a competitive advantage.
  • Be clear about your offer

  • Ensure compliance with Australian Consumer Law or Trade Practices Act.

  • Consider intellectual property rights, rights to inventions, ideas, names, copyright and confidential information.

  • Check distribution or agency agreements.

  • Plan to expand you business by way of franchise, licence or joint venture.

Our team can also ensure you have adequate asset protection.  There are a number of methods which may help protect your business from risks.  You could shelter assets from creditors, take out term life cover to pay off business debts upon death and have disability insurance to protect income and service debt in case of accident or illness.

Listening to clients and thinking about what they want to achieve is what drives our legal practice. We are mindful of the detail, but focus on your business objectives and understand the commercial environment in which you operate. Our aim is always to provide practical as well as professional, reliable advice to move forward as quickly as possible by dealing with both routine and unpredictable issues with a common-sense and commercial approach. 

SPM Law can give you legal advice, draft, interpret or review agreements and other legal documents, explain legislation, administer contracts, and generally work with you and other stakeholders in your business.  We can also help you draw up any special conditions, leases, licences or other documents that may be required.”

If you own a small to medium business and want to ensure you have done everything you can to protect its future then it’s time to give us a call.


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