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Spring into Optimism

Although much of the media would have us believe that our economy is in a constant state of crisis, the facts are that economic growth is pretty good. Sure, we have our problems but maybe its time to be optimistic about the future.  In a recent edition of Oliver’s insight (30/8/16) Edition 18, Dr Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy & Chief Economist of AMP Capital gives us seven reasons to be optimistic.

The entire article can be read here but in summary…..

  1. Economic growth is pretty good

  2. The economy has rebalanced

  3. The worst in the slump of commodity prices and mining investment looks to be behind us

  4. Public infrastructure spending is ramping up strongly

  5. Despite all the gloom consumer and business confidence are actually around their long term averages

  6. Share market profits have likely bottomed

  7. Lots of social reasons to be optimistic about Australia including that fact that we rank 4th in the world in terms of life expectancy (at 82.8 years)!

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