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Potential for fraud: caution with dates in 2020

The Queensland Law Society have recently sent a reminder out in regards to using caution when dating or reviewing documents signed in 2020.

It has been reported that abbreviating the date 2020 on legal or financial documents could lead to fraud where a scammer or an unscrupulous party have the potential to add digits to either pre-date or post-date the document.

In order to avoid this, they recommended that people write or type the full year i.e. 17/01/2020, 17 January 2020.

They also advised that we should take particular notice and care of legal or financial documents where the date may only be displayed once (eg wills, powers of attorney, etc).

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E-Conveyancing - An update

With 12 months under our belts we can say that the shift to e-conveyancing has been a positive one.  It has provided a simplified, safer and efficient process that has reduced many of the stresses clients experience when buying or selling property.

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