Hello to Andrew, Cheryl & Tony

Continuing our getting to know the team series, this month we say hello to Andrew, Cheryl & Tony

Name:  Andrew Markert

Job: Senior Associate - Four years at SPM law practicing commercial, property and succession law.  Started legal career in Cooroy back in 2003 - coincidentally now working a few days a week at the same address where I started out all those years ago.

Born: Brisbane

3 things people may not know about you: People know everything about me, that is the problem. 

Favourite local bar/restaurant and why: Saw and Mill at Cooroy because its local and friendly

3 people at dinner party?  or If you could spend one day with anyone who would it be.  Jerry Seinfeld because he is one funny man.  (Editors note:  Andrew also considers himself a  "funny man" - but when he says that I like to remind him of the quote "some people say funny things, but others say things funny".

Bucket list holiday destination?  South West Rocks, NSW  


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