SPM and QUT presentation

Attendees were fascinated with both Professor Derek Richard's cancer research story and Senior Associate Andrew Markert's anecdotes as to what can go wrong if you don't have an estate plan when SPM Law & Queensland University of Technology jointly presented the Living Healthier Longer  presentation held at RACV Noosa Resort. 

A great article recently appeared detailing Andrew's involvement with QUT's research as a co-trustee of the Hilde & William Chenhall research Trust.  To read the article click the link here.

L-R Andrew Markert, Prof. Lyn Griffiths, Paul Bone , Prof. Derek Richard

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“Where there is a will, there is a relative. Where there isn’t a will there is chaos” (Anonymous)

It is very common for business of all types to take advantage of internal leases. Text book asset protection advice usually recommends holding all assets in one entity (a “holding entity”) and leasing those assets to another entity (an “operating” entity) for use in a business. Is this how you operate? Does your business otherwise allow assets to be placed into the possession of others (through leases, licenses or just be giving those assets to others to use) If so, you should probably read on…

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