The year so far - in pictures

As mentioned in the introduction of this newsletter, the first half of the year has been full of excitement with one of the highlights being the boss' legendary 50th birthday party which the team and many of SPM Law's friends attended. It was a couple of months ago but the photos are too good not share... here are a few.

Yes, this is the boss on stage with the Hoodoo Guru's celebrating his half century.

Yes rthat's the boss on stage with the Hood Gurus

Sneaking this one in.... another recent Sobey celebration..... We have dared Nick to wear that suit to work... stay tuned...  

Some of the A-listers that attended Michael's celebration.

June 2021 sees us moving into out new and improved office in Cooroy.  It's amazing that what started as an empty shell turned into the professional modern office that is there now - and all in about 6 weeks!  Please feel free to come and check out 3/20 Maple Street anytime as we are all pretty proud of it and happy to show you around.  In the meantime here are some photos.


And now.....

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