Please Support Local

Its been really hard to see so many of our local businesses in Noosa and Cooroy be negatively affected by the pandemic.  Now is the time for those that can to please support local.

It's become very easy and sometimes essential to order all our needs online so its important to remember that so many of our local businesses have adapted and evolved and offer their goods and services online now too.  

It was nice to see that some of our local restaurants were open from last Saturday ( in a limited format) and being supported.  Please continue to do this if you can.  Ideally call and book ahead as they all still have restricted numbers they are allowed to cater for. Another way to support those that have not yet reopened is to buy gift certificates.

If you are unsure of who is doing what we have found Facebook to be very helpful.  There are many new groups that you could like/join to keep up to date with what is happening locally so you can support local.

A couple that come to mind are; and a group we have recently joined Noosa Business Owners and friends

This group provides a platform to share your business story and what you can offer.So   if you are a business owner in the Noosa area jump in and join and if you know of other businesses get them to join too and then lets support local.

The Cooroy Chamber of Commerce Face book page does an amazing job of keeping everyone informed of whats happening with business in Cooroy.



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