Tewantin Cricket Club’s Future is Looking Bright

SPM Law are excited to be sponsors of the Official “Lights On” opening at Read Park, Tewantin on Friday 11 September, 2020.

Through the receipt of over $500,000 in Government Grants and other club support the Tewantin Noosa Cricket Oval at Read Park is now equipped with LED floodlights lights that meet international cricket standards. These lights will be used for night matches, including a number of women’s matches during the coming season.

The SPM Law T20 match will be hotly contested and commence at 6.30pm between “1st Grade 100 Games” Team versus Presidents Team (of which Michael is captain!) following the official opening ceremony at 6pm by Member of Parliament Llew O’Brien.

Tewantin Noosa Cricket Club will celebrate the history and future of the club in an afternoon/evening of cricket  with the announcement of the Teams of the Decades also being made.

Michael's Cricket form  - fantasy vs reality :) 

  great form


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