Movember Lunch 23 November 2018

Its coming up to that time of year again... Michael getting hairy for a great cause and the annual Movember fundraising lunch.  This year it will be held on Friday 23 November at Bombetta in Noosa Junction commencing at 12.30pm. Seats will be limited so make sure you get locked in fast.  RSVP to Suzzanne at or 07 54404800

Lunch and 2 hour beverage package is included in the $100 per person ticket price.  

Thanks to everyone who has supported Michael in the past.  We thought we'd show you his impressive stats.  Help him keep up the good work.   Click on link to make a donation direct to Movember via Michael's Mobro page


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“Where there is a will, there is a relative. Where there isn’t a will there is chaos” (Anonymous)

It is very common for business of all types to take advantage of internal leases. Text book asset protection advice usually recommends holding all assets in one entity (a “holding entity”) and leasing those assets to another entity (an “operating” entity) for use in a business. Is this how you operate? Does your business otherwise allow assets to be placed into the possession of others (through leases, licenses or just be giving those assets to others to use) If so, you should probably read on…

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