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Justine, Amy & Jesse

Following on from last edition's staff profiles, this month we reintroduce you to three more SPM Law superstars Justine Coats, Amy Ryan and Jesse Chaplin.

Justine Coats

Job -  Paralegal

Experience in the job at SPM - I have been at SPM for 17 years, started as a PA for two commercial solicitors and then became a paralegal 13 years ago. I am also a Commissioner for Declarations

Where you were born - Murgon, Qld as it was the closest hospital to Goomeri where my family lived, now famous for its annual Pumpkin Festival which is a great boost for the small town

3 things people may not know about you:

  1. I can play the organ,
  2. I’ve para-sailed from the top of a mountain in Austria. I literally had to sprint off the mountain so the sail could capture enough air (what was I thinking?)
  3. I have different coloured eyes (heterochromia iridum)

Favourite local bar/restaurant and why -  Krung Thep Thai Restaurant at Noosaville for consistently great Thai food and their sunken seating but also can’t go past Noosa Amore Gelato at Noosa Marina – it has the best gelato!

3 people I would like to invite to a dinner party?   Hamish Blake, Ahn Do & Kate Langbroek

Bucket list holiday destination -  Canada/Alaska


Amy Ryan

Job - Associate

Experience in the job at SPM -I’ve practiced in litigation and family law with SPM since 2013.

Where you were born - Nambour, QLD.

3 things people may not know about you:

  1. I can be just a wee bit competitive when it comes to certain challenges or sports (okay, highly competitive);
  2. I’m left-handed;
  3. My favourite novel is Pride & Prejudice and I’ve seen every movie and mini-series adaptation of the novel ever made (Colin Firth as Darcy FTW).

Favourite local bar/restaurant and why- My house… Because between a chef-husband and a Thai mother there is usually good food to be had.

if you could invite 3 people to a dinner party?  My Dad, my Grandmother and my Grandfather –to see and speak to them just once more.

Bucket list holiday destination -Italy – Food, wine, history and art.  As long as it doesn’t involve camping, I will be a happy camper.

Name - Jesse Jane Chaplin

Job - Conveyancing Assistant

Experience - I have been with SPM for a year and half now. I was on reception for 12 months and then promoted to conveyancing about 6 months ago.

Born - Nambour

3 things people may not know about me:

  1. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan 
  2. I love old school vinyl records
  3. My favourite movie is Reality Bites

Favourite Bar/Restaurant - The Cooroy Hotel  -  Because I have made many special memories with many special people there.

If I could invite any 3 people to a dinner party - Matty Healy, Post Malone and Joe Lycett

Bucket list holiday destination - Ireland and Scotland





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