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"Join Jed"

Jed McNamara – litigator by day, marathon runner by night – well not night....but outside office hours.

After completing a half marathon earlier in the year, Jed decided that he enjoyed it so much that he would take it seriously and “train” for next year’s event. As the event draws closer we will be looking for sponsors so that we can help Jed raise money for a local charity, but for now we can just sit back and “enjoy” his progress. This month’s topic for Join Jed is getting the right fitness app. After much research and experimenting, Jed is using two training apps “Nike+ Training Club” and “Jefit”.  We asked Jed what his favourite aspects of the apps were and how it’s been helping his training.

“Given the colder weather it is more tempting to stay in bed than drag yourself out into the cold, so I am using a combination of "Nike+ Training Club" and "Jefit" training apps. Nike+ Training Club has over 100 different workouts to choose from depending on what you want to do. You can choose individual workouts each day or create a 4 week cross training program which is what I’ve done, with my main goal to maintain my cardio fitness.  I throw the occasional run in as well so that the legs remain "run ready". That should see me through to some 'warmer' weather where I will kick start a 12 week half marathon program. I will use the Nike+ Running app for this as it maps your runs, tracks distances, pace, time and calories burned. It has a GPS and gives you audio feedback as you run.  I also mix it up a bit by using Jefit for some add on training- it’s a great free app for a bit of body building and weight loss. By using these apps I seem to be more motivated to train daily and it keeps it interesting.”

Michael Shelley’s gold performance in the Commonwealth games is sure to give Jed some motivation!  Make sure you give Jed a shout out if you see him running by. He doesn’t mind a bit of sledging...

Next time – Diet – What are Jed’s latest food fads?  Quinoa? Coconut Oil? Acai Berries? Shiraz? Chia Seeds?


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