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While many have reached the end of their tether with the Disney’s film “Frozen” and the Director has personally apologised to parents of Elsa and Ana-obsessed children no one can deny it was a monstrous hit.

However, New Jersey resident, Isabella Tanikumi, also known as L.Amy Gonzalez would rather you never saw it again.

In 2014 Tanukumi, filed a law suit against Disney in alleging that Disney stole the story for “Frozen” from her own works including her autobiography “Living my Truth.”

In her court documents, Tanikumi alleged that there were 18 similarities between the story told in “Frozen” that she alleges were plagiarised directly from her book.  

1. The village setting at the base of a snow-covered mountain.
2. Two sisters as the central characters.
3. The sisters loving each other deeply.
4. One of the sisters being injured in an accident. 
5. Both sisters losing memory of their accidents.
6. Natural disasters and/or accidents pushing everyone together.
7. One sister falling for a tall, dark and handsome man.
8. The sisters’ love interests being similarly named.
9. A love interest telling the women about someone they know with healing powers.
10. One of the sisters being betrayed by their love interest.
11. One of the sisters becoming reclusive.
12. One of the sisters trying to hide her injuries.
13. Continuing a key scene under the moon.
14. The sister’s defect being exposed in front of children.
15. Similar book cover and DVD cover (being a hand with sprinkles).
16. The use of open gates as metaphors.
17. A sister dying, (though Elsa comes back to life).
18. Talking about hearts being cold. 

As compensation for her claim, Tanikumi sought $250 million in damages from Disney.  She also sought orders that Disney cease and desist from any and all sales, distribution and marketing of “Frozen” in any media format.

While some parents may have been secretly rooting for Tanikumi to succeed, her lawsuit was dismissed.

However, one Disney representative was both quick and clever with her response.  Asked to comment on the lawsuit, the Disney spokeswoman replied “This is beyond ridiculous.  She needs to let it go.”

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