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It could only happen in America.... or could it?

We recently came across a story that sounded too crazy to be true but it is and should be a warning to us all when purchasing our dream home!!

A woman in San Diego who missed out in a bidding war for her dream house just couldn't let it go and as a result was ultimately sentenced for stalking.

The woman was devastated and heartbroken when she missed out on a property she thought would be her perfect home so she decided to take out her frustrations on the married couple who had successfully purchased the property. Over a period of months the woman played what she refers to as “pranks” which included; billing the couple for $1000 worth of adult diapers and magazines subscriptions they didn't order, sending Valentine’s Day cards to the neighbours’ wives signed by the husband, advertising a fake News Year’s Eve party at the home, listed the house for sale and had their mail stopped.  The final straw came when she advertised on a fantasy sex website posing as the wife inviting men to come to the house to play out a dangerous fantasy. 

Through this last “prank” the police were able to locate the “troublemaker” and she plead guilty to stalking and was sentenced this year to five year’s probation, a year of electronic home surveillance and ordered to stay away from the couple for 10 years.

We wish we knew what the moral of the story was .....?


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No more paper Certificates of Title

In an effort to push towards an electronic conveyancing system, from 1 October 2019 the law in Queensland will change where hard copy CT’s will be redundant and longer have any legal effect.

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