The Plan to Return

We are two months in to working remotely and the team from SPM Law have settled and adapted to our new home offices. We have found our systems and ourselves to be as productive as ever and have continued to be able to help our clients with all their matters in a seamless manner.  It's been a bit different with virtual meetings becoming the new normal but we understand the importance of following the government guidelines to keep us all safe.  We are also starting to implement a "paper lite" policy as the team has realised how reliant we were on paper  before working remotely and how unnecessary that was with the technology available to us.  If you haven't used the app Adobe Scan before we can highly recommend it!

Although we are in no rush to return as all going well, we do welcome a few restrictions being lifted recently and are now starting to plan for our eventual return to the office. At this stage there is no set return date but be assured we will have cleaning and social distancing policies and procedures in place when we do return.  Both offices are about to undertake a precautionary deep clean and sanitising spray.  

The office will look the same but we will just need to do things a bit differently to keep us all healthy.  If you have any questions about this please don't hesitate to ask.

The most important question though on everyone's lips is will Michael Sobey aka Grizzly Adams still have his iso beard on return to the office???



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