Hello to Andrew, Cheryl & Tony

Continuing our getting to know the team series, this month we say hello to Andrew, Cheryl & Tony

Andrew Markert

Job: Senior Associate - Four years at SPM law practicing commercial, property and succession law.  Started legal career in Cooroy back in 2003 - coincidentally now working a few days a week at the same address where I started out all those years ago.

Born: Brisbane

3 things people may not know about you: People know everything about me, that is the problem. 

Favourite local bar/restaurant and why: Saw and Mill at Cooroy because its local and friendly

3 people at dinner party?  or If you could spend one day with anyone who would it be.  Jerry Seinfeld because he is one funny man.  (Editors note:  Andrew also considers himself a  "funny man" - but when he says that I like to remind him of the quote "some people say funny things, but others say things funny")

Bucket list holiday destination?  South West Rocks, NSW  

Cheryl Hill

Job:    Legal Secretary - Personal Assistant

Experience in the job at SPM   - 25 years ( Editors note: One of SPM Law's longest serving employees. What Cheryl doesn't know about SPM law isn't worth knowing!!)

Where you were born:   Cooroy  

Some things people may not know about you:

  • I enjoy reading and watching shows about architecture and it is one of my favourite things about travel.
  • I have never attended a job interview.
  • My family were lucky enough to have a hut near Double Island Point (before they were disallowed in the late 70's).  Every opportunity we would load up the Mini Moke and go there for the weekend, week or month, or go with my grandparents or uncles and aunties.
  • I played netball for over 40 years, most of my adult life with the same amazing, winning team.

Favourite local bar/restaurant and why:   My new favourite restaurant is Bombetta – Fun time happy hour with great friends and the best pizza ever.

3 people at dinner party?  or If you could spend one day with anyone who would it be?   A stylist. Hopefully they could work some magic.

Bucket list holiday destination?  Too many to list but am crossing off Slovenia next year.


Tony Petersen

Job:  Jack of all Trades

Experience in the job at SPM law:  30+ years

Where were you born?  Marrickville NSW – Balmain Tigers Boy

Something people may not know about you: I am pretty open and don’t hide much, so you know everything about me that I let you know...

Favourite restaurant and why:  Home. My wife is a fantastic cook. We always have someone for dinner. Other than home – Noosa Waterfront

3 people you'd invite to a Dinner Party:  Putin, Trump and Xi Jinping . I could solve most of the worlds problems at one time.

Bucket list Holiday Destination:  Hardest Question of the lot! – Morocco/Turkey or the Greek Islands – because I have not been there yet

Areas of Law

Estate Planning, Commercial, Conveyancing, Business, Estate Administration

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