Bruce Houley

Dear Michael

Now that the dust has settled on our recent activity it is appropriate that I write to thank you and all of the team at Sykes Pearson Miller for your sustained efforts over a number of years advising the joint venture partners on the operations, management and sale of tourism, property and business assets at Noosa.

I know that all of the principals took real comfort from the quality of your legal advice about the complex structures that were in place.  The clarity of your communication, both verbal and written, was crucial in your various advices to owners on commercial matters, the structuring of contracts, lease negotiations and general property and body corporate matters.

As the one who most often had to convey your advice to board meetings I can tell you how much I appreciated your ability to break things down and communicate technical items simply and well.  That made my job easier.

That the team at SPM was able to function effectively in your absences as the years passed was also a credit to the leadership you display and the systems that SPM has in place.  We particularly appreciated the performance and advice by Fiona Allen and Justine Coats.  Fiona often stepped in to advise effectively as matters progressed over time.

The owners were always confident in your advice, even on those occasions when you represented their interests against parties represented by national and international law firms.  None of those parties or firms could mount successful arguments to counter your advice to the owners and time proved your advice to be both commercially sound and technically correct.

It was testimony to the respect the directors had for your integrity that they were comfortable with you advising even on matters where there was an internal conflict of ideas within the joint venture.  Your ability to maintain objectivity and provide impartial advice assisted in breaking deadlocks and determining strategy on numerous occasions.

Though we have reduced our exposure in Noosa, we maintain active tourism and accommodation property interests. It gives us great confidence to have you and the team at SPM supporting our operations in the area with sound and timely legal advice.  We know we can rely on SPM.

Kindest regards

Bruce Houley

Chief Executive Officer 

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