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Traffic Law

It’s easy to make mistakes on the road. If this has happened to you, the important thing is to obtain competent legal advice as soon as possible.

At SPM Law our  team will provide you with the strongest available defence to make sure  you get the best possible outcome.

With years of experience, our solicitors will ensure you understand your rights. We know the court system and will advise, negotiate and advocate for you through this stressful time.

Traffic Law

Traffic offences such as drink driving, disqualified driving, and dangerous driving are taken very seriously by the court. A conviction can easily lead to the loss of your drivers licence which in turn can seriously effect your employment and family life, not to mention costing you a large fine, and a jail sentence.

As you normally only get one chance with a traffic application it’s important to think seriously about engaging an expert rather than representing yourself. Don’t risk getting a longer disqualification than necessary or not being granted a Work Licence if eligible. Some traffic offences don’t have a mandatory disqualification and it is up to the discretion of the Magistrate. By engaging our experts you can be sure we will work hard to minimise the penalty.

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